the utterly total complete “Sea Hunt” episode thread

"Sea Hunt" magazine (September)

I’ve Disease set my mind Comercio on cheap nba jerseys watching, and reviewing, every episode 地肌の脂などの汚れを…。 of the action adventure “Sea Hunt” (1958 to 1961), starring Lloyd Bridges as Pauw scuba diving the hero cheap nfl jerseys Mike Nelson.

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Join me here on this административных post if you films need to see every episode – and get some awesome homemade (1993) Sea Hunt .gifs and ringtones!

d/l: s01e01 “Sixty Feet Below”: “whistle”
d/l: s01e02 “Flooded Mine”: “strong as an ox”
d/l: s01e03 “Rapture of the Deep”: “tried to kill us both”


  1. kellyhogaboom says: - reply

    Season 1, Episode 1: “Sixty Feet Below” (first aired 1/4/1958):

    So Mike Nelson is messing around doing something underwater and gets a call on a case that he later says would make “every newspaper headline in the country”. So we are off to a BANG! Turns out – EMERGENCY A NAVAL PLANE HAS JUST DITCHED IN THE OCEAN. Several “military” dudes (who don’t look like military and all stand really close to one another while talking on the radio etc) are in a fuss. “I know a man who can save us 10 million dollars in 15 minutes.” Then there’s the guy looking in the sky for the plane. “Do you see him?” “Just about.” What does that MEAN?! You either see a jet, or you don’t see it!

    A very good episode, though. Mike is a real gentleman hero and mansplains the EXACT RIGHT AMOUNT (which is the primary thing I adore about him) – he even adds a very touching coda to the tense rescue operation, upon its completion.

    But my favorite moment was probably the very tense call to Mission Control (or whatever) when they realize they’ve lost an aircraft in the sea. The dude in the background is listening and can tell something has gone wrong. But when his boss tells him what happened, he immediately gets right up in the guy’s face while doing this really awesome impressed whistle (04:00 in the episode):

    So ever since we saw the episode I have been doing that whistle to Ralph. And then today my phone rang and when I answered it I heard my son say, “The XF-190 just went into the ocean.” and my husband, who was sitting casually drinking coffee or so I thought, got up and did the whistle right up to me. AND I LAUGHED UNTIL I CRIED because they staged the whole thing like nerds!

    Here’s a .gif I made y’all:

  2. kellyhogaboom says: - reply

    Season 1, Episode 2: “Flooded Mine” (first aired 1/11/1958):


    Okay let’s just ADMIT that “Flooded Mine” is a great episode and there’s little to criticize. “Mine” is a taut little drama and a great showcase for what a no-nonsense, humble hero Mike is. He could have easily left the cowardly, crummy, and perhaps psycopathic miner to his (perhaps deserved) fate but he made the effort and pulled some Macgyver-isms to save the fellow.

    Actor connections: Hank Patterson playing Bill Henderson (good luck ever keeping those two Blandy McMilquetoast names sorted), an actor who enjoyed many roles in his career but who I will always remember as the doomed janitor in Burt I. Gordon’s Earth Vs. The Spider (56:58 in this MSTie version).

    Here’s today’s .gif from Season 1 Episode 2, because the dialogue doesn’t make sense!

  3. kellyhogaboom says: - reply

    Season 1, Episode 3: “Rapture of the Deep” (first aired 1/25/1958):


    Listen. This is an important job Mike Nelson is called on. Basically it involves the office of the President (that’s RIGHT, the President of ‘Merica!!!), and the future of Science (underwater mining), and our country’s entire Defense.

    So that’s why basically they hire Mike Nelson. Just Mike Nelson, and tell him to find like… five other guys. That should be enough guys.

    A good episode as A. the actual technicalities of the mission are pretty cool and B. there is this “whodunnit” to – which diver is telling the truth? And – nitrogen narcosis. Which is a a real, and terrifying thing.

    Here’s today’s .gif from Season 1 Episode 3. Please remember your BASIC RULES OF DIVING!

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