Meteor Man (1993) - DVD cover

The Meteor Man (1993)

Produced, written, directed and starring Robert Townsend as mild-mannered-citizen-turned-superhero, this lost-in-the-90s comedy is an extremely well-intentioned effort that likely should have been more successful than it ... Read more »

Venom (1981) - poster

Venom (1981)

A rather unpleasant thriller, Venom combines the bleakness of a kidnapping drama with a bit of eco-horror in this film, which at times reads like a made-for-television effort. ... Read more »

Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) - poster

Cat-Women of the Moon (1953)

In mankind's first mission to the moon, five astronauts (Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, "Queen of the 'B's" Marie Windsor, Douglas Fowley, and William Phipps) wake out of their space-sleep to run ... Read more »

I survived Samurai Cop (1991)!