Pray for Death (1985) - poster

Pray For Death (1985)

Pray for Death is an above-average martial arts film. If you like martial arts films, you should watch this one. Keep in mind when I ... Read more »

Manunter (1986) - still

Manhunter (1986)

I can't imagine how special Manhunter must have been to first-time filmgoers back when it came out. It is a creepy, tense, sparse crime drama that ... Read more »

Thief (1981) - poster

Thief (1981)

My favorite Michael Mann film - so far. James Caan stars as Frank - a brisk, extremely cloistered high-end jewel thief who rather suddenly stumbles on an ... Read more »

Cutter's Way (1981) - poster

Cutter’s Way (1981)

A somewhat self-involved bit of noir drama, this film a principle charm that surprised me: John Heard. The "That Guy" actor nails it - absolutely ... Read more »