The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) - poster

The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

The first colorized version of the Frankenstein story (well... something based off the Frankenstein story anyway), Hammer's The Curse of Frankenstein from 1957 helped get the studio ... Read more »

The Strange World of Planet X (1958) - poster

The Strange World of Planet X (1958)

Inspired by 1951's The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Strange World of Planet X (also released as Cosmic Monsters) is a fun little black-and-white ... Read more »

It The Terror From Beyond Space (1958) - poster

It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958)

I am going to be completely honest here and say I adore old black and white drive-in science fiction and horror. As long as the ... Read more »

The Golden Bat (1966) - poster

The Golden Bat / Ôgon batto (1966)

The Golden Bat (the bat) is a new species discovered in Bolivia last year. But The Golden Bat (the immortal caped being with an unconvincing ... Read more »