in retrospect, most films with the title “Cyborg” in them don’t really work out so hot

Join us tonight for…


American Cyborg: Steel Warrior

which we will be watching cheap jerseys and tweeting (and FBing).

Yeah you heard me. AMERICAN CYBORG: STEEL WARRIOR! This 1993 gem (33% on Rotten Tomatoes… and that’s a stretch) is basically a straight-up Terminator rip-off. The “Sarah Connor” figure however carries her future-hope-of-man fetus in a glass jug cheap jerseys in a backpack (if memory serves) and the film features such dialogue gems as, “You’re a cyborg! You lied to me!” (son of a BITCH how many times has this happened to me?! Men!), and “You want me to take Professional off my pants?”

If you can’t find 3D-очки a copy – (although you can rent or buy it on a few streaming sites) – let me know. I On can hook you up.

I have a VHS COPY of this film. If you want it, enter your name by PMing, texting, emailing (kelly AT BmovieBFFs DOT com), the word “CYBORG-ERRIFIC” at me. cheap mlb jerseys I will be doing a drawing and mailing out the VHS in a timely manner so the “lucky” winner can watch with us next Tuesday!

Get your best post-apocalyptic greasy-hair, leathers, and denim vest on and LET’S DO THIS!

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