Tonight we are about to be invaded by Saucer Men! & I’ve got the t-shirt, and the photobomb to prove it!

Saucer Men!

That’s right people! It’s time to get weird! P.S. warning for unnecessary violence to cows.

Invasion Of The Saucer Men (1957)

“All this makes it seem natural for a beer-drinking bull to appoint himself a chaperone of ‘Lovers’ Lane’!” Yes. This is an actual line from the trailer.

I see the “teens-in-peril/teens-as-heroes” films of the mid-fifties through mid-sixties as a bit of backlash against the anti-teen sentiment which has been a part of our culture ab initio. In this story the kids see aliens landing on Earth and doing stupid stuff – and some freaky stuff – but no one believes them! If anyone reading here finds the plot of Invasion Of The Saucer Men a tad familiar, they likely saw the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” send-up of the 1965 remake. A remake even worse a film than the original. Watch the ’57 Saucer Men with us and ponder that!

Join us tonight for Invasion Of The Saucermen at 7 PM PST! The film is available to watch online via Classic Movies EZ (as linked below).

If you’d like to watch with us, here’s how. Queue up the movie as follows: sometime before 7 PM PST Tuesday the 5th play the first few moments of the film. You will see a goofy-looking scrapbook that reads, “a true story of a flying saucer”. The moment a hand touches the book to open it, pause the movie. At 7 PM PST exactly, resume the film. Then follow on Twitter at @BmovieBFFs or post to/enable Notifications on the Facebook thread as we watch this B-movie classic!