Swamp Thing (1982) - art

You ready to get swampy wit’ it? A special 9:30 late-night edition of Swamp Thing is happening! And it’s happening tonight! And we will probably end up sad and sorry!

Swamp Thing (1982) - still

1982’s Swamp Thing: yet another film here on B-movie BFFs based off a comic series (by DC, in this case). The film is notable for me because in my internetz-career I’ve stumbled across a variety of creeps desperately trying to find, and post, film stills of Adrienne Barbeau’s barely-a-topless scene. The only other bit I remember is it featured Louis Jordan as (surprise!) a bad guy. And it seems to be shot through a pretty smudgy lens – lotsa browns and greens. My husband, inexplicably, adores this film, which he saw as a child. Let’s see if he likes it as much now that he’s grown!

And tonight we are having real actual friends, who apparently are still sticking with me despite our experience of R.O.T.O.R.

It’s easy to get a copy of this film – it is available both through Google and Amazon (see links below). A few minutes before nine-thirty tonight, start the film. As soon as the MGM lion roars, and then fades, pause the film. Resume at 9:30 PM. You can follow along at twitter.com/BmovieBFFs, or “Like”/comment/enable Notifications on this Facebook thread.