You are currently viewing Alien Outlaw (1985) – Rifftrax version

Alien Outlaw (1985) – Rifftrax version

I ain’t gonna lie – 1985’s Alien Outlaw looks like some tortuous viewing. Predicated on a “wild west” modern-day shoot-’em-up involving a few scantily clad nymphs and a trio of ex-television cowboys, the few viewer responses one can find online certainly don’t bolster confidence (and just think… these are fans who write those reviews!). Even the trailer can’t manage to not humiliate itself:

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is exactly the kind of film too terrible even for me – especially given I’m not that interested in old cowboy stars like Sunset Carson, Wild Bill Cody and Lash LaRue in their last screen performance. That said, the previous offering in the this odd little chapter of director Phil Smoot’s old-West hero z-grade monster mashup, The Dark Power, was a very entertaining Rifftrax (of a stunningly terrible source film). So we have the talents of Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy to heroically escort us through the proceedings!

If you’d like to watch with us, here’s how. Queue up the movie as follows: sometime before 9 PM PST Sunday the 8th purchase the VOD at At 9 PM, begin play. You can follow our viewing on Twitter at @BmovieBFFs or post to/enable Notifications on the Facebook thread as we watch this little bit of eighties sadness.
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