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Baffled (1973)

Baffled (1973) - poster

This isn’t actually a film; it’s a television pilot that didn’t go anywhere, really. As a film, there’s not much to recommend it. As a television show, it’s a shame it didn’t happen, because the premise is kind of cute.

So Leonard Nimoy slips off his polyester Star Trek uniform for an Orlon turtleneck or two to play a sort of groovy race car driver dude named Kovak. One day out of the blue he has a distracting vision while racing flat-out which causes him to crash. Apparently he feels no compunction in sharing this episode, as while he gives a television interview, he unwittingly exposes himself to the notice of a woman interested in ESP (Susan Hampshire, as spirited and sweet as ever). She contacts Kovak and tries to persuade him to help those he has visions about.

Baffled (1973) - still

The final result was pretty sweet and pretty corny. Performances are made-for-TV standard, although both Nimoy and Hampshire are adorable. There’s a pretty cool (and odd) 60s era black van involved in a chase 2/3 of the way through the effort. A weird scene – cool van though.

Final analysis: fans of Nimoy or Hampshire, or fans of seventies television and seventies made-for-tv should watch this film; otherwise, you may put it in your insomnia cure moviebank.

Great poster art and stills out there! They’re worth a look.

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