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WolfCop (2014)

Some reviews online disparaged the lack of subtlety in elements of this film. Really? What exactly were you expecting?

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I will sum up the story: an alcoholic and morally degenerate sheriff’s deputy visits the woods while chasing a bad guy. He is ambushed, experiences an unpleasant and nightmarish experience with some seeming Satanist-types, and wakes up with no clear memory of what happened. Except he discovers he’s somehow changing: more hirsute, a highly-developed sense of smell, etc. The story carries on from there and includes a low-level town conspiracy and general buffoonery. If you liked Big Ass Spider (2013) and Hot Fuzz (2007) this movie is up your alley; it is better-executed than the first film, but of course can’t reach the comedic heights of the latter.

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The film is unrated, and it takes about a half hour to get a feel for just how much sex, violence, and gore we’re in for. Not as pulp as true grindhouse, there are nevertheless lots of goofy and gross-out effects, tons of cursing, some bare breasts, and plenty of sex- and drug-related humor. The first man-to-wolf transition starts off with a creative, if cringe-inducing bathroom moment. The sex scene is silly (purposefully so, I think), and the antics of Jonathan Cherry as the titular character’s buddy were pretty fun. Amy Matysio as Tina, WolfCop’s human partner, plays the “straight man” to the comedy, but gets a few funny moments as well.

The film had a great deal of lovingly-crafted elements in the background: the morning DJ banter is great, the small-town depravity of the setting (Liquor Donuts & the Drink ‘n Shoot, for example), and many little goofy aspects in foreshadowing and self-aware quips. There’s also an explosion scene at a barn-cum-meth lab and I could’ve sworn the miniatures created were meant to look a little less realistic than they could’ve been – again, effects for laughs.

This movie delivered exactly what the poster art led me to expect. A great popcorn movie for a night in with friends!

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