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La Cabeza Viviente (1963)

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What can I say – I enjoy Mexican horror films, and I enjoy mummy films. It’s hard to displease me if you’ve got both of those going on.

It is hard to find a good print of this film, but I had help from my friend Juan at 5th Dimension Films to at least get *a* copy (YouTube had a rental: in the original Spanish, without subtitles).

I’ve never understood why mummies are so pissed if you disturb them from their slumber. They literally were doing nothing else, and half the time once they wake they want to dominate the earth in some way – making their awakening, one might think, a *welcome* event. But no. It’s curse this, curse that, I’m going to get you and your friends and your little dog too!

Adequate performances by heroine Ana Luisa Peluffo and (playing the meanie high priest) Guillermo Cramer. A must-watch for those into the Mexican horror genre as several of the cast and crew have done a lot of work.

La Cabeza Viviente (1963) - poster 2

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