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Tangerine (2015)

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One of the funniest, most warm-hearted, joyful comedies I’ve experienced, Tangerine is the best surprise I’ve had this year. Somewhat incredible praise considering the film is rife with “adult” language and situations, all kinds of IRL-nudity, and a host of rather horrid physical and verbal assaults.

Still? Movie, you complete me!

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It’s best to know nothing about the movie whatsoever before watching it – so if you haven’t seen it, stop reading, and watch it.

Our leads – Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as Sin-Dee Rella and Mya Taylor as Alexandra, both women without previous film experience – absolutely make the film. And this ends up being literally true, as their life stories and the stories of their friends were the genesis for the narrative. In fact, the background of how Tangerine was made – and how the filmmakers developed the story, found the actors and cameos, and sourced the score – is both exciting and fascinating. This backstory is still not as good as the film itself – so go see it.


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