Weekly Round-Up: In The Heart of the Sea, Birdemic, The Edge

While (finally) getting around to watching “Brooklynn 99”, and finishing up a few books, I did manage to squeeze in some movies. All three were about SURVIVAL; two of them were pretty good and the third – well. Remember, this page isn’t called “B-movie BFFs” for nothing! – K.

In The Heart of the Sea (2015) - still 2
In The Heart of the Sea
A too-short and -simplified tale of the source material for the novel Moby Dick. Lots of good-looking blokes put through a harrowing ordeal. See my review. 3/5

The Edge (1997) - posterThe Edge (1997)
Macho survivalist drama, masterfully penned by Mamet. See my longer review. 4/5

Birdemic (2010) - stillBirdemic (2010)
Eco-terror, valuable only for camp viewing. See my review. 2/5

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