K Hogaboom

I am a B-movie cinephile living here in Aberdeen, Washington. In my day job I am a tailor and unschooling parent to two high-energy teenagers. It’s a good life, but the desire that burns in my loins like a flaming hawk is to sit on the couch and watch forgotten and glorious films with like-minded friends. To that end, I torture my family with regular viewings on the (best-)forgotten films of yesteryear. I also dabble as guest on a few genre film podcasts and occasionally live-tweet a film on Twitter!

While I will watch just about any kind of movie, I have a super soft spot for beefy 80s punch-outs, impossibly dark and depressing neo-noir, radioactive 50s monster films, and gorgeous sixties sci-fi. Since Eck! and I are the bosses here, we don’t stick with just B-movies. We also write about television programmes, the occasional blockbuster, and film fashion and music. Get with us on Facebook and come start a conversation!

Eck! Young

I’m a super serious writer but more importantly, I’m a bad, bad movie fan from these here southern United States. I approach all things with equal amounts of love and snark. Indeed, I wrap my arms around my cherished Z-grade memories like I try to hug all of my felines. Maybe I do have an odd obsession with Christopher Lambert, but you know what else I love that is normal? Lost media. The occult. Wrestling! Anime, tiny collectibles… oh, and some good sword and sorcery. Nothing is too obscure, seldom too lowbrow, and almost certainly never too weird so hop aboard this rickety boat and sail away with me to faraway lands where Linden Ashby and Marc Singer are still highly valuable. And, I am they/them please!

When I’m not running impromptu masterclasses on David Lynch and giallo film titles to innocent bystanders, I’m doing the exact same thing anyway on my blog. I’m also one slinky dress away from becoming a horror host with the most.