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Friends don’t let friends watch alone!

The Miami Connection (1987)

I am a B-movie fan living here in little Hoquiam, Washington. I dabble in B-movie podcasts and occasionally live-tweet a film on Twitter!

You can also read some of my film and television commentary, check out film ratings and reviews, suggest items for my Watchlist, and follow FB updates. I also feature the occasional live event, usually benefitting a local animal rescue or other worthy cause.

Before you comment…

I am sad to have to say this, but as a woman in a genre-specific, male-populated realm, I am sometimes treated with condescension when I engage in the community. So before you comment or contact me, I ask that you double-check what you’re about to say. I promise: if you show a little decorum, you’ll find I’m a friendly, enthusiastic, and loving B-moviephile!

Now – the show must go on! Let’s make the popcorn, throw on the 3D glasses, and get on that couch!

* Note: not all movies featured here on the site are B-movies or “bad movies”. But, well… a lot of them might reasonably be considered in those realms.